What if iPhones still have the 3.5 inch screens

Soo-Yung Cho
1 min readJan 7, 2023

How would modern iOS apps look like 3.5 inch screens?

While decluttering my closet, I discovered my old iPhone 4s. Looking at my old iPhone I was wondering what if the iPhone still had that 3.5 inch screen. Could it have made Apple go out of business? Or, could it have been more successful?

Here are my thoughts on what could have happened to the iOS apps:

  1. Most essential apps (Uber, Instagram, Youtube, and etc) may not even have changed at all. You can still call Uber, scroll through photos, and watch videos in a small screen.
  2. Games might not be as good on the big screen. But, could that have resulted in more iPad sales?
  3. App experience could have evolved (or remained) to work well on small screens.

I just feel good when I grab that iPhone 4s. I would still use it if it supports the latest iOS. Does anyone feel the same?